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Vintage Vinyl Floor Cloths | Fall in Love with Hot New Flooring

Vinyl is making a comeback in a big way, vinyl records, vinyl flooring, even vinyl pants, and we are obsessed! Vintage Vinyl Floor Cloths are a great alternative to expensive and difficult to maintain area rugs or hardwood. Plus, who likes to put their warm feet on ice-cold flooring in the morning, talk about a rough start to your day. That’s why at Robyn’s Nest, we’ve added some of the most beautifully designed vintage vinyl pieces that’ll make your home POP! Here’s just a few of the many reasons why you’ll choose Vintage Vinyl Floor Cloths for your home.

Easy to Clean

Enough said, right? In all seriousness, vinyl flooring is significantly easier to clean and maintain a pristine condition than other flooring alternatives without sacrificing quality. That’s why our vintage looking vinyl pieces are perfect to place kitchens where spills are bound to happen. We all know the time is takes to clean that wine stain out of a rug, whereas with vinyl, you simply take a damp cloth, wipe it off, and your back to wine night with the ladies.

Notably Durable

Vinyl is also a highly durable which makes it suitable for those high traffic areas of your home. Rather than spending your time worrying about that expensive hardwood floor getting scratched, our Vintage Vinyl Floor Cloths are the perfect accent piece that serves as a practical solution to keeping your base flooring intact and in great condition. Although durability is a huge plus for us, the combination of durability and water-resistance is what makes us fall head over heels. Bathroom rugs turn into quite the nuisance with all the water damage, having to constantly hang them out to dry or face the wrath of that damp rug smell you can never quite get rid of. By using Vintage Vinyl Floor Cloths in place of rugs, you’ll save yourself time and money.

Effortless to Change

One benefit to using rugs is that they’re easy to move or replace, however the great part about our Vintage Vinyl Floor Cloths is that they just as easy to install and change. Just choose a place in your home you would like covered and place your vinyl flooring down. Best part, it won’t shift or snag like rugs tend to do. With so many gorgeous patterns, our Vintage Vinyl Floor Cloths make for a stunning addition to your home.

When it comes to making flooring choices for your home, at Robyn’s Nest, we understand that practicality and style both play a huge role. That’s why we have Vintage Vinyl Floor Cloths as one of our must have products for your home. Plus, who wouldn’t like a flooring piece that keeps your footsteps quiet when you’re raiding the kitchen for midnight snacks? For more design tips and specific advice for your home, don’t be afraid to stop by our store on the Upper Westside in Peoria, Arizona and ask our specialists some questions to get expert designer insight!

Robyn’s Nest – Creating your perfect nest to call home. Happy decorating!

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VoyagePhoenix Article | Meet Trailblazer Robyn Halperin

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Meet Trailblazer Robyn Halperin

Robyn, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?

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Farmhouse Custom Wall Art with Quotes Done the Right Way

Custom wall artwork with quotes are one of the few pieces of home decor that are not bound by the same size and shape limitations that functional furniture is confined by. Although a couch in the shape of a cow may look unique but chances are it wouldn’t be the most comfortable. You would be better off hanging a lovely custom farmhouse wood sign to accomplish a chic farmhouse vibe. By customizing the art you hang in your home, you will not only capture the decor style you were aiming for but you will also add a personal spark to your home. If you’re interested in placing personalized wall artwork with quotes in your home, consider our decor tips to help you get started.

Determining Shape & Size

Before you decide what to place on your wall, it’s important to first determine the shape and size of the decor piece. Nothing’s worse than having a great artwork piece in mind, then hanging it on your bedroom wall, only to find that it just doesn’t quite look right. The problem? More often than not, the issue turns out to be the dimensions of the requested custom artwork. A great rule of thumb is to keep the art consistent with the shape of the room. If your bedroom is long and has vaulted ceilings, then compliment that shape with a larger rectangle piece that will add height and length to the wall without dominating the entire section.


Making a Decision  

For some, the perfect design or quote may immediately come into mind, however if you’re still bouncing ideas around, we recommend

you start with the style of the room. If you’re looking for a sophisticated, upper west side design style, a simple, elegant piece would be what you’re looking for. For example, our farmhouse signs are handmade in a local wood shop and can be customized in ANY way for you and your family. Wood framing in dark

walnut, distressed black, distressed white, natural, or rustic gray stains will allow the custom wall artwork to fit nicely in your home. Once you’ve determined a direction for the artwork, the most important next step is to choose something that you will be happy to see every day; ask yourself, what makes you feel cheerful? Choose a quote from our selection or a family saying that brings positivity to your life and make your home a happy place.

Finding the Right Placement

Now that you have decided the artwork you want to add to your home, it’s time to properly hang it. A common mistake we see in homes is the misplacement of wall decor since it’s so easy to do. You can never go wrong with keeping your wall decor centered and even with the furniture in the room. We recommend measuring the open wall space before taking a stab at the placement. That’ll help you “pin the tail on the donkey” the first time and minimize the amount of nail holes you’ll be covering up later.

Our signs are made from hardwoods with the quality you can feel in the weight of the sign. Each sign is painted on birch hardwood and distressed for an aged, vintage look and sealed for lasting protection. Custom artwork is fun to hang in a gallery wall décor setup or even as a standalone statement piece. The trick to hanging the large piece it to keep it eye level. When a decorative wall piece is placed above or below eye level, you’ll find yourself straining your neck to read it or you’ll constantly get the feeling that something is out of place, and no one likes that feeling.

*Robyn’s Nest Helpful Hint: If you find that every time you walk into a room your eye is always drawn to the artwork on the wall, you may have misplaced it. Your room should feel even and consistent throughout to maintain a comfortable and inviting flow.

As always, at Robyn’s Nest, we invite you to take these tips to help you start a foundation then build upon it. We adore mixing it up and trying out different shapes, sizes, and design styles to create your own; we always encourage you to step out of your comfort zone to have your home represent you. For more design tips and specific advice for your home, don’t be afraid to stop by our store in Peoria and ask our specialists some questions to get expert designer insight!

Robyn’s Nest – Creating your perfect nest to call home. Happy decorating!

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Lighting Tips That’ll Make You Look Like a Pro

Robyn’s Nest presents helpful tips to turn your lighting from a boring piece of furniture to a gorgeous design piece that compliments the room.

Lighting Tips That’ll Make You Look Like a Pro

When it comes to lighting, we can get so hung up (pun intended) on the functionality of the piece that we forget lighting can also be used as a stunning home decoration. Don’t let yourself get stuck in a box when it comes to lighting and overlook the opportunity to add some glamour to your home. Without the correct use of lighting, your home would look grey and dull; and no one wants that! Give those chandeliers a little more attention and you’ll be amazed how much of a difference it’ll make to your home when you give these Robyn’s Nest lighting tips a try.


Chandelier Measurements

Chandelier scaling is not common knowledge so this one can be difficult to judge. The good news, there are formulas to help guide you in the right direction. Let’s start with height; in general, you want to multiply the height of the room in feet by 2.5 – 3 to get the measurement in inches (so a 10 ft. room would have a 25-30 in. chandelier) to determine the length of a lighting fixture you should be looking for. Next, you’ll want to calculate the right diameter. Start by adding together the length and width of the room in feet, then change that to inches and you now have your diameter (so a 10’ by 15’ room would need a 25in lighting fixture in diameter).

Once you have the right size chandelier, it’s crucial to know how high to hang it. A good rule-of-thumb is to keep it at least 7 feet above the ground in common spaces, and 6 feet above a doorway in large open spaces like a hallway or foyer. However, use that as a starting point because you can actually use the height of a chandelier to manipulate the height a room. By hanging a chandelier a little above the average in a room with low ceilings you can give the room an elongated appearance.

Most homes in Peoria, Arizona have vaulted ceilings. Don’t let the height trick you, chandeliers or unique lighting most certainly has a place in vaulted ceilings. This is where you can be bold and hang a unique and large lighting! Large chandeliers bring the light to an average person’s level in a tall room and since they hold multiple bulbs, they add a lot of light. Therefore, chandeliers are a functional decoration to a room. As Robyn puts it, “lighting is to a room what jewelry is to the perfect outfit. Make your finishing touch pop, express your styles and have fun.”

Mixing Gold & Silver

or silver as an accent due to the common misconception that you can’t combine the two. However, it’s quite the contrary. Mixing the two colors is actually a great design trick that will add interest while giving your home that “collected over time” feel. So, have fun adding splashes of gold to your silver or vice versa to spark the light in your room to create your own unique look.

Now that we have the lighting down, let’s talk about how to make it shine. In many homes, people choose to use either gold

Lighting plays a huge role in your home and can make or break that gorgeous style you worked so hard to put together. So regardless if you love a boho-chic, farmhouse, or traditional look for your home, remember to give each and every piece attention; it’s the details that take your decorating from great to flawless. For more design tips and specific advice for your home, don’t be afraid to stop by our store in Peoria and ask our specialists some questions to get expert designer insight!

Robyn’s Nest – Creating your perfect nest to call home. Happy decorating!

P.S. A chandelier adds ambiance, style and of course, general lighting to a room, but selecting the right chandelier can be tricky. Stop by Robyn’s Nest today to explore our latest lighting collection and our design experts will help you find that perfect piece for your home.


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Tips for delivering beauty, quality, and value to your home

Tips for delivering beauty, quality, and value to your home.

Do you have a room in your home that is not as lively as you hoped it would be? Even after all that decorating you may find yourself staring at a room that’s missing something, but you can’t quite put your finger on it; that “it” factor everyone talks about so much. Whether you’re looking for a boho chic, modern, farmhouse, vintage, or luxury home decor feel, these Robyn’s Nest décor tips are easy ways to give your home that pop.

Liven up the Room with Plants & Terrariums

Just because you live in Arizona, does not mean your interior has to reflect a dry, deserted look. Bring some life to a Livingroom with bright pops of color by adding plants in the corners of rooms, on tabletops, or even hanging from the ceiling in some elegantly designed terrariums. Visually, by adding plants to the interior of your home, it’ll give the room a light, breathable feeling that can be quite refreshing.

Add a Personal Touch

Even when you’ve found some of the most stunning pieces of furniture to add to your home (most likely from Robyn’s Nest one could only assume… wink wink), there’s still that personal touch that takes your home from furniture on display in a magazine to a place you can call your own. Let your living room tell your guests more about yourself, other than that you have great taste in furniture. For example, if you love hiking some of our amazing Phoenix trails, try framing some trail maps or even photos of your favorite hikes and place them around your home. Not only does it add a personal touch, but it also is a great conversation starter!

Decorate with Books

Books are designed to catch your eye, so why not use that to your advantage to make your living room more exciting. By pairing books together that are similar in color, or even stacking books varying in size or contrasting colors will not only add a personal touch to the room but give the room a multi-dimensional feel. This is one of the easiest tricks that’ll make you look like a professional home decorator. Don’t be afraid to get creative with it!

Mix Different Design Styles

There’s not many times in our lives where someone has told you to throw that rule book out the window, but it’s time to take all those interior design rules you’ve learned over the years and toss them aside! Now this may sound crazy but think about it, you aren’t just one style, so why should your home be? Love vintage furniture and boho-chic accents, go for it! Have fun mixing and matching the different styles that make you unique, keep trying different combinations until you’ve found the one the reflects you and your family. At Robyn’s Nest we call this style “Transitional Design.”  Transitional style reflects a room’s meshing of modern and traditional elements. Really, we encourage combining two styles in one space to allow a cohesive design.

Your living room is the perfect place to express your personality so remember to take your time when you’re mixing and matching pieces and designs until you’ve translated your style to your home. These design tips will help you get started on breathing some life back into a room but as always, have fun with it because this is your home, the place where memories will be created. For more design tips and specific advice for your home, don’t be afraid to stop by our store in Peoria and ask our specialists some questions to get expert designer insight!

Robyn’s Nest – Creating your perfect nest to call home. Happy decorating!


Robyn’s Nest of Peoria, Arizona delivers beauty, quality, and value to your home through our unique home furnishing and decorations.